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Silk Yarn Special Offers

At Eurestex silk yarn we hold stock of a large range of undyed and dyed silk yarns, on occasions we do have yarns which are not standard stock items and are available as special offers.

Please enquire further for weights available and keep an eye out for new silk yarn special offers.

For a full list of our large range of undyed and dyed silk yarns please see our pricing pages.

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Spun Silk Yarn 120/2nm – Dyed

This very fine spun silk yarn is available on cones and can be used for weaving or embroidery, the colours available are end of line colours and will not be restocked.

Count Description Colour Prices per kilo
120/2nm Spun Silk Yarn
Lt Brown
120/2nm Spun Silk Yarn Yellow £49.61
120/2nm Spun Silk Yarn Coffee £49.61

Italian Spun Silk Yarn

This is 60/2nm spun silk yarn of Italian origin.

Count Metres / 100gm Description Colour Prices per kilo
60/2nm 3,000m / 100gm 100% Spun Silk Yarn Navy £45.00
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