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Our exclusive range of Swiss mountain silk yarns are available in exotic fibre blends such as Wool, Baby Camel, Sea Cell, Cashmere and Kid Mohair.  These luxurious yarns are available undyed in hanks or on cones and can be used for hand dyeing, weaving and knitwear.

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Swiss Mountain Silk Yarn

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Count Metres / 100gm Color/Packages Description Prices
15/2nm 750m / 100gm Undyed / Hanks Silk/Royal Alpaca £133.00
15 / 2×3 nm 250m / 100gm Undyed / Cones Silk/Royal Alpaca £125.00
5/2nm 250m / 100gm Undyed/Cones Silk/Wool £94.00
5/2nm 250m / 100gm Undyed/Hanks Silk/Wool £102.00
12/3nm 400m / 100gm Undyed/Cones Silk/Cashmere £245.00
12/3nm 400m / 100gm Undyed/Hanks Silk/Cashmere £255.00
7/2nm 350m / 100gm Undyed/Cones Silk/Kid Mohair £115.00
7/2nm 350m / 100gm Undyed/Hanks Silk/Kid Mohair £123.00
12/3nm 400m / 100gm Undyed/Cones Silk/Sea Cell £118.00
12/3nm 400m / 100gm Undyed/Hanks Silk/Sea Cell £122.00
16/2nm 800m / 100gm Undyed/Cones Silk/Sea Cell £120.00
5/2nm 250m / 100gm Undyed/Cones Silk/Linen £100.00
5/2nm 250m / 100gm Undyed/Hanks Silk/Linen £104.00
12/3nm 400m / 100gm Undyed/Cones Silk/Baby Camel £122.00
12/3nm 400m / 100gm Undyed/Hanks Silk/Baby Camel £130.00
16/2nm 800m /100gm Undyed / Hanks Silk Baby Camel £132.00


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